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Forum Guidelines

No flaming or trolling - Be respectful of other members and please keep discussions tasteful. If you want to yell at someone do it in private (PM) please. No excessive or continual use of profanity or vulgarities too. For Buy/Sell topics, if you are not interested to buy the item then please do not troll in the topic. Troll posts will be removed by a moderator. No spamming - This includes PM/E-mail spam or any off-topic spam, which will be deleted. That includes 'helping people' by advertising your site to them or soliciting other members. This also includes links that have a referral ID in them. MLM schemes invitation or referrals are also not allowed. If you continue to post spam then you will be banned. No advertisements in your signature - If you have a website and want to show it to others, please don't mention or add a link in your signature; but just enter them in your profile page and others will get your link there. NOTE: See updated rule for signature at the bottom of this page). Please do not attach illegal/copyrighted software - These will be removed No nudes or overly sexy pictures - All posted or linked pictures must be PG-13 or lower. Moderators have the right to judge what is not appropriate. No multiple usernames per person - Only one username is allowed per forum member. No more lifts on bans - Being banned means that you can no longer post to the Forums. You are also banned for life and if we suspect you signed up under a new username that will be banned to (if we're mistaken we apologize). No bumping - Do not try to bump topics or posts too soon or often No double / multiple posting - Do not post the same content multiple times in the forum. It will be removed and posting rights will be temporarily suspended. Please post in the most appropriate forum only. Accounts will not be terminated on request if it has 1 or more post. However you can request for member name change and you can also get phone numbers or email addresses in posts removed using the Report button. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remember these rules are meant to not only keep the site organized and clean, but also for the general enjoyment of everyone. If you feel that certain remarks or links are inappropriate please use the "report to moderator" link so that it can be evaluated. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not really rules but suggestions: - It is ok to go off-topic to an extend but if a discussion gets really off-topic please post it in the General Chat forum. - Use an appropriate thread title - Please post in English. Even though there are many Hindi speaking people in the forum, there are still many who do not know Hindi. ** More rules to follow as we need them. Forum Guidelines - Signature Rule - updated on November 27, 2004 Signatures should not contain any links/hyperlinks (active or non-active) to external websites. However, links to websites related to RIMweb.in or social service/charity organizations are exempted. Signatures can be no larger than 400 pixels wide and 60 pixels in height. The whole image cannot exceed more the 15 KB in file size. Be sure your signature does not go over these specifications before posting it. This also includes any text you may place around your signature. It is OK to post a link to your Buy/Sell topic. Your Signatures/Avtars will be taken off, if it does not abide by any of the above rules, as per the decision of an Administrator/Moderator.